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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Miniature Rose 'Santa Claus'

This is a miniature rose called 'Santa Claus'. It is a Weeks (own root) Rose bought at a local nursery 2006. I have come to learn that own root (not grafted) can be important in a cold climate. This was an impulse purchase and I must say, one of my better ones. This is a very hardy little rose, the last two winters it was not covered at all and come through just fine. When I saw miniature on the tag I thought this shrub would be small, under 2 ft. (Tag: MINIATURE 12-16 inches/Rounded   Large Double Blooms   Show form best in cold weather  Resistant to powdery mildew). So tags are a general guide (I know this),  this little rose gets at least 3 almost 4 feet. Its  a little taller than I wanted for this spot, 2 ft. would have been perfect. For two years I kept saying I was going to move it, but the view of this lovely little rose out my kitchen window changes my mind every year.

It has been hard to get a good picture,  its either too bright or to dark. I so need a better camera.
Santa Claus Miniature Rose
Two ft. would have fit the scale so much better.
My neighbor asked how I get a rose to bloom in the shade because the large Pin Oak in the front yard appears to shade the front of the house. After we moved in my husband had the Pin Oak trimmed up, removing some of the lower branches. This lets in more light and air circulation better for a wood house (Johns concern) and better for the garden. 

You can not tell the size of the bud from this picture but the buds are tiny little gems. I love how the sepals open like a platform highlighting the delicate rose bud. 


  1. That is a gorgeous rose bush! I love that last photo especially!

  2. I need to get more miniatures. I've never heard of this one. It is very pretty.

  3. Your "Santa Claus" rose is lovely, and appropriately named:). Usually, the word "miniature" refers to the size of the blooms, not the bush - some miniature roses can be huge! You made a good purchase, your rose looks cheerful and happy with lots of blooms.

  4. What a stunning shade of red! Your photos are lovely.

  5. Thanks Betsy, I love the last picture too, if you look close you can see the sun glinting off of the spider web string.

    Phillip, I think I will be looking for more miniatures too since I have a smaller in town lot. Thanks for stopping by.

    Masha, thanks for the information on miniatures. I will be researching more before I buy next time but I still love this little rose.

    Thanks Diane, I appreciate the comment.

  6. Fawne - That red is so vivid. It's like the "star" of the garden. Wow.

    Roses are uncharted territory for me, other than a Double Pink Knockout Rose - a gift last year. Doesn't it figure - I get one to grow, then the bunnies take it from 18" tall down to 3" this past winter!! (Fortunately, it's greened up a lot in a short time this Spring.)

  7. Thanks Shyrlene, this little rose is a keeper. I keep adding roses thinking my garden will some day look like Phillips at 'Dirt Therapy' (http://phillipoliver.blogspot.com/) Or Mashas at 'A Rose is a Rose... '(http://rosomanes.blogspot.com/). Well a person has to dream big, right? I'm starting to think roses just don't grow like that here, but I will keep trying.



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