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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Japanese Maple 'Fire Glow'

In the Front Entrance bed is my first Japanese Maple 'Fire Glow' purchased in the spring of 2008. After a trip to the library and two books on Japanese Maples, I was obsessed. I just had to have one, but not all are hardy to zone 5. After much research, planning and shopping both on line and at locale nurseries I found this little gem at Home Depot for 35.00 ......SOLD! This little tree should get about    6-10 ft tall and according to what I have read, growth can be controlled by keeping it potted. The leafs bud out red, turn darker more maroon in the summer, then brilliant red in the fall. Fire glow has a thin leaf that appears to 'GLOW' when back lit by the sun.

I love looking out my kitchen window at my little JM, and the leaves really do glow when the sun light is at a certain angle.
The bright fall color.
I kept it in this small cedar pot for two year, keeping it in the garage over the winter. 
Spring color 2009. We had planted red & white tulips around the base of the pot. The red tulips turned out mororange than red and the white only came up the first year. 
Spring 2010 we moved the orange tulips and added more daffodils. Then, do to my husbands persistence Fire Glow was planted it in the ground. I hope it does not get to big now that it's in the ground. We will keep it trimmed and see how it grows.
 I have not been able to get a good picture of the leaves glowing but if you click on this picture you can kind of see it.
Fall 2010 was a dry fall and that seemed to affect the color.
Well I would not call this fire glow but the leaves are definitely glowing. Below are two links for more information regarding Japanese Maples.



  1. Fawne, this was very interesting to me. I definitely like the colours of spring bulbs you chose for around it!

    We dug up a bunch of cedars and planted some shrubs that we hope will be more interesting. We did it last spring and so this spring we will have to really learn about pruning them. I guess I'll check back with the garden centre for a 'refresher course' on what they told me when I bought them.

    I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to shrubs!

    Thanks for 'following'. I added your blog to my following list, as well!

  2. Fawne - what a lovely tree in a great surrounding; I've thought about planting one in the front yard - but it faces due North. Not the best environment for a fragile tree. :(

  3. Diane, I think for most of us its a learn as we garden. I know it definitely is for me. Shrubs can be a little more intimidating. Perennials can just be dug up and moved but moving a shrub is a lot more work. I have been trying to decide on bushes for the front under the bed room windows for two years. Deciding , thats my issue , pruning ... no problem (my husband cuts every thing). One resource is Dave's Garden or a lot of times I just goole my question and see what I come up with. Good luck with your bushes, what kind are they?

  4. Thanks Shyrlene, facing North is definitely the hardest to work with. I feel lucky to be facing East but thats probably because the house I grew up in faced East. I hope you can find room for a JM, I have the two and am planing on adding two more.

  5. Japanese maples are prone to wind damage in winter. So you should have a well protected spot. East facing is where we put them too. They are my favorite tree.

  6. I absolutely love them. There is one called "Waterfall" that I would love to have but it is difficult to locate. This one sounds great - another for my list.

  7. Beautiful post Fawn, Japanese Maples are a favorite of mine.

  8. Phillip, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I also fell in love with 'Waterfall' its a wonderful JM and was on my list. After trying to locate it I became confused if 'Waterfall' & 'Viridis' were the same. Some nurseries /web sights list both names together. From what I have been able to sort out 'Waterfall' has slightly larger leaves and is hardy to zone 6 where as 'Viridis' is hardy to zone 5. That probably explains why I can only find 'Viridis' in my local nurseries. I am hoping to add 'Viridis' to the front yard this season.

  9. Thanks Carolyn, hope your snow has melted.

  10. Fawne, this week past has been a doozie and your comment just brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful words. You are the gem and your words came at just the right time; thank you ;)

    And as far as your JM obsession, I'm right there with you! I'm up to 6! They are all of various sizes and at the moment 4 are in pots and two in the ground. And I know exactly what you mean about them glowing in the sun. I'm forever trying to capture the light in their leaves! Have a great week. <3 Cat

  11. Cat, wow 6 JM you will have to let me know what you have. Do you leave the potted ones out all year? (I know your a different zone than I am). The nurseries here all tried to discourage me from keeping one in a pot, but so far so good.

    Hang in there Cat, good thing will come and until they do you will be in my thoughts.

  12. Your maple is lovely! I like them too, they are such elegant plants. It looks great in front of your house, good choice.

  13. Thanks Masha, now if only I had room for a spirea.

  14. Very pretty! I especially love the red leaves with the blue of the junipers and green from other plants nearby. The only thing better than I pretty color in the garden is a pretty color in concert with others, don't you think?!

  15. Thanks VW, you said it so beautifully "a garden is pretty color in concert with others".



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