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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Front Entrance Bed

Continuing with documenting my garden beds, this is the "Front Entrance Bed". If you click on the picture you can see it a little better. As all garden are, this is a work in progress. The vinca and junipers were there when we bought the house along with a few tulips. We added the bleeding heart, Japanese maple, some hostas,  coral bells, a miniature rose, clematis with trellis, yellow flag iris, the red switch grass and various spring bulbs. I sometimes think the bleeding heart and the miniature rose throw off the balance of the bed. I have thought of moving them or at least one of them, but I so love admiring them from my kitchen window I just can not relocate them. All three (japanese maple/bleeding heart/minature rose) peak at different times and are doing quite well. The bottom line is they make me happy and that is what it's all about, right?

The Front Entrance Bed in the distance
A different view.
From the driveway, you can see some of the daffodils and tulips. The bloom times very with the bulbs some are finished and others yet to come.
The bleeding heart was the 1st plant added when we moved in. We have always had bleeding hearts and have planted three at this house.
Our house faces east and the conditions must be perfect. This is the largest bleeding heart we have ever had. In 2009 I am not exaggerating when I tell you it was 5 feet tall and covered in blooms. My daughter said its a monster out of control, but that year was a cool wet spring. Last year it was a little more  reserved.
I do love pansies. I treat myself to pansies every year for my birthday in April. My neighbor always says its a little early, but thats the beauty of planters they can always go in the garage if needed.
The idea was for the clematis and iris to bloom together, I definitely can say not all of my plans work out so well. I know the yellow flag iris can be invasive but I cut the stalks before they go to seed and I needed a tough iris that can take wet feet. The gutter overflows all the time, even though my husband is always on the ladder cleaning them out. There is a price to be payed for large mature trees. Oversized gutters may help but are not in the budget,  at least for now. Anyway, the water pouring over had created a low spot, and when we tried adding fill the rain always washed it away. So flag iris was my solution. The clematis is tucked back on higher ground and so far seems to be doing okay (They do not like wet feet).
Noble clematis planted in 2009.
Yellow Flag Iris added 2010.
Fire Glow Japanese Maple, more photos to come in an other post. 
June Hosta 2010.
Santa Claus Miniature Rose.


  1. On one hand, enjoys decorating the garden, on the other would be that was already ready. Good luck and best regards

  2. Giga thanks for stopping by. I wish I had a translator on my blog like you do but I have not figured out how to add that so far. Anyway, it was nice of you to leave a comment and I will stop over to see your blog again.

  3. I think your bed looks wonderful with so many different plants. I like the "skirt" around the tree too.

  4. Thanks Marsha, my husband is a master at dividing and making do with what is at hand. Where as I am always scouting out nurseries and catalogs for new plants and ideas.

  5. The blog is very good!

  6. You have a beuatiful home and the flower bed looks just as happy. The Pansies are smiling and what an extraordinary Bleeding Heart. Love the double ring of Hostas around the base of the tree.
    Your cats and dog are precious. Would love to see a pic of your birds too.

  7. Hi Fawne, Isn't it wonderful when a planned color combination works out just as planned! The yellow iris and clematis work beautifully together. Your bleeding heart is doing very nicely and I love the planters with the pansies right behind it in the pictures.

  8. Nel thank you so much, it was so kind of you visit and to leave such a nice remark.

  9. So pretty Fawne. The bleeding heart is so big and lush. I really like your turtle. Cast?

  10. You have such a lovely garden especially the bleeding heart, just love them!

  11. plantinthings your right pansies do smile and I do love them. The hosta rings are all my husband. We have blue bells & tulips that come up first, then the hostas.

    Jennifer thanks for stopping by and I am very happy this combination worked as planned. Many times it take two or three attempts. The bleeding heart is our pride and joy. Even when the the blooms are gone I just love the foliage.

    gardenwalkgardentalk thanks, I can wait to look out my window at my beloved bleeding heart. It is just starting to poke its head up now. The turtle is old and made out of cement like material. It has move around from house to house with us and at some point broke of one of the front legs off. Overall he has held up well considering we leave him out all winter.

    p3chandan Thank you and as you can tell I love bleeding hearts too.



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