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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Redbud the first year.

Last year for my big 50th birthday I wanted a tree for the front of the house. We had removed a large sickly Blue Spruce. We have a large Pin Oak & the neighbors next door have a very large Oak tree, the Spruce, positioned between the two did not have a chance. Our house faces east so even tough there is a lot of shade there is morning sun. It took me a about 5 months looking to find the right tree. when I finally found this Redbud, winter was closing in and I had to wait for spring. My birthday was in April but the nursery would not sell it until it budded out. Finally in May, after weekly trips to the nursery I got my tree, I was so excited. My husband John planted it on Mothers Day while I was at work. So there are no pictures of the planting, oh well. I so love my little Redbud, here are pictures over the last year.
My tree at last
Isn't it pretty
A side view
You can see the Pin Oak in the background
Here we added Pachysandra ground cover
An ice storm 
And in bloom
A nice touch, I was hoping the daffodils would bloom at the same time.
Now next year I am hoping for bushes to go behind the Redbud under the bedroom windows to complete the front. Maybe Fothergilla, a green Japanese maple and something else any suggestions.

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