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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The White Pelicans at Lake Nelson

I have been neglecting my blog, sorry. About a month ago my sister, Char took me to Lake Nelson in Batavia Il. to see the migrating White Pelican's. Last year there were as many as 300 Pelicans on the lake at a time. I imagine that would be quite a spectacular sight so I was very excited to go see these pelican's for myself. As you can see from the picture above not a pelican in sight. It seems the Forest Preserve decided that was a perfect day for a burn.
This tree was still burning. I thought it looked pretty cool, though the picture doesn't quite capture it.
In the end the only bird we saw was this one. It was a little disappointing that the pelican's were gone but the day was calm, the lake was like glass, the sunset was superb. 
It was a good day.
And then the moon came out.

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