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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is a Bleeding Heart

This is a picture of my bleeding Heart At the end of its blooming period last year. Maybe not the best picture but it will give Lindsey an idea wat this perennial will look like in a month or two.
Here is a White Bleeding Heart
As you can tell, I love Bleeding Hearts I have a total of three in my gardens. If you have shade they are a wonderful addition for any shade or part shade bed. I have seen them in full sun but they will do much better where they are happiest in the shade.

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  1. Hi Fawne! Thanks for answering my question! I am still in NY, yes. I got a full-time job working as an executive assistant to this crazy person, but it's a good job, so I'm happy. My mom is also doing pretty well. I'm starting to miss the Midwest...I'll hopefully move back in a few years. Tell Taz I say whosaprettydog...



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