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Friday, July 23, 2010

More bed expansions

With my husbands help we expanded the shade garden on both sides creating a more defined entrance. This also allows more room for my large blue hosta, which was crowding the coral bell and japanese painted fern.

Now that the bed is moved out, time to move the plants.

You want what, where!
Some one is looking very pleased with himself.

Wow, a month later and it's looking good.

There is a story behind this Japanese lantern. I have had my eye on a granite japanese lantern for 2 years. I figured eventually it would go on sale. Then for my birthday my hubby found this little one and gave it to me. I was very touched but said it was too small. So I put it on the ground next to the ferns were I have envisioned the lovely granite  lantern to show him how dwarf it looked next to the large ferns. John said no problem, reached down and picked it up and placed it on top of the rock. Then he looked at me and said looks perfect to me, and I have to agree. I do love it and as far as the granite lantern, well just think how many more plans I can buy instead. 
And this is my little lantern now

and the expanded shade garden now.

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